Introducing Adventure Viet Nam

Starting with passion of travel and many years of outdoor experiences, Adventure Vietnam has been created through the time when we enjoyed of study in Europe and by our nature love since 2000. Adventure Vietnam now is the leading supplier of many famous branded products for the outdoors, cold transportation and house hold in Viet Nam.

We already build the good connection with outdoors manufacturer and strong relationship with supplier for best product in every segment.

Our products is truly renowned worldwide and also bring best quality, best value for our customer like Igloo, Laken, Coghlans, SOG Knives, Tools Logic, Fiskars – Gerber Gear, Opinel, Trangia, Vargo Outdoor, Swiss+Tech, SIGG, Nalgene, Carson Optics, Polar Bottle, Morakniv….

Adventure Vietnam established officially from 2010, with the ambition to be No1 Home and Outdoor distributor in Viet Nam.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, we really want you to feel this is our passion.

We want you to have the same experience as Adventure Vietnam does with the products of excellent camping gear such leading tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, camping accessories … and we would like to ensure your adventure must really be interesting in great experience.

Our Market

Adventure Vietnam are growing geographically and expanding into new product categories in outdoor and house-hold product. We are really do the good distribution to the outdoor channel with Outdoor Store, Bicycle Shop, Motor Shop, The house-hold Store, also strength our strong presence in Modern trade: Supermarket, Hypermarket, Convenience Store or our longtime-corporation customer in provinces.

We have local know-how in market areas and our new knowledge of modern outdoor trend. We need currently to find new lines, to build our outstanding strong point for new project in Camping gear, Cold transportation, Outdoor recreational, Water sport and Fall protection… to prepare for new step of our development plan.

Our product Segment :

Hydration/Coolers, Outdoor/Travel/ Camping, Sport Climbing, Professional, BBQ Grills with more than 40 brands:

IGLOO, VARGO, Advanced Elements, SOG, Tool Logic, MAXIM, WENZEL, Mountain Trails, Princeton Tec, Nalgene, Char-Broil, Swiss+Tech, GERBER, SAWYER, CARSON, Urban Gear, Human Gear, Lewis N Clark, GEAR AID, Polar Bottles, GOGIRL




Opinel, Petzl, Beal


CN Continental, Climbing Technology

Buff, Laken


Teufelberger, Robline®

Our vision & mission

Mission: Our mission is bringing our love of Nature to customer through the good product with long lasting environmental-friendly products.

Vision: Our vision is to be a leading home and outdoor company that delivers:

• Strong Home and Outdoor Brand
• Environmental – friendly products
• Good products that bring love of Nature
• Good in sales and Service
• Stable profit and strive to new market and new segment.

Ambition: Our ambition is No1 Home and Outdoor distributor to get our good products to customer who will enjoy their time in Nature.

Business Strategy

Adventure Vietnam has a clear ambition to grow: we want to outperform market growth while maintaining solid long-term profitability. Adventure Viet Nam strength lies in our ability to run businesses where we can create value for customer through brand building, unique design, and outstanding quality.

Good value product, strong brands are the foundation of our business. We develop our brands for growth and create the conditions for them to expand to new categories and markets while still staying true to their values.

In expanding our business we always focus on customer-oriented view to fit with distribution, opportunities for new service. Adventure Viet Nam would like to have the strong relationship with only key partners in market for every product range, because we believe with reliable partner we can have close and deep understanding for long term corporation together.
Adventure Viet Nam is also working with our partner to build our new plan, even also complete our plan for Laos and Cambodia market.

Growth strategy

Adventure Vietnam is a small company with a clear ambition to grow; we want to outperform outdoor gear market growth while maintaining solid long-term development. Our growth strategy is threefold, to gain market share in current businesses and markets, invest in and enter new house hold categories and to expand into new, potentially high growth markets. This we will do by continuously investing in our brands and marketing and by excelling in sales.

• Our focus point: Engaged team – Strong brands – Outstanding Unique products – Stable financial state.
• Growth drivers: Gain the new market shares – Enter the new line of product – Expand to new potential high growth market.
• Target: Maintain our strong point in outdoor market and build the new business in Home and Outdoor.


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